WATCH BTV1 & BTV2 24/7/365

BTV1 - Community Television, and BTV2 - Bahoudii Music Televison are now on-the-air broadcasting programs of interest to people around the world.  They can both be viewed from BahoudiiNet or

Several new features have also been implimented in the new Consulate website.  Most obvious is the implimentation of a more streamlined website using the same building blocks across the .com, .net, and .org Kingdom websites.

One of the unique new features is a built in screensaver function.  If any Consulte page is left unattended for more than 5 minutes, a slideshow screensaver will begin inside the browser window.

This was primarily implimented for government terminals that are always left on the Kingdom website, but it is a nice feature that we hope everyone finds useful.

Most of the other new functionality is "behind the scenes" but it is our hope that the experince of all users is enhanced by the new technologies being implimented.  It is our hope that minor and major changes to all Kingdom website can now be performed without the websites being offline again.


Civil Representation